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The private investment arm of Forbole to invest in promising crypto projects.

Invest in people who build the


Since 2017, Forbole has become a renowned developer, contributor, staking service provider and investor in blockchain space.

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We will gradually rebalance our portfolio and then reinvest our capital gain and income from staking and liquidity provisioning to new projects.

IBC-enabled projects which use Desmos Profiles as their user profiles

Cosmos / Flow / Oasis / Polkadot / Solana

ecosystem projects

These are all for reference only and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


Forbole Ventures participates in early-stage investments, staking and liquidity provisioning. Our early-stage investment portfolio includes :

We are not only a VC

We may not be able to bring you to Sand Hill Road. We may not be able to improve your elevator pitch. We may not be able to teach you how to draft your termsheet. But we can do what an ordinary VC cannot do. We are special in these ways:

Build Early Validator Community

We are able to do so due to our track record as a validator and staking service provider.

Develop Explorer & Wallets

We are the core team behind Big Dipper, which is an open-source block explorer forked for over 150 times.

Provide Useful Insights Into Launching Your Projects

We are experienced as a genesis validator in various projects which include Akash, Cosmos Hub, Band Protocol, e-Money, Flow, Kava, Oasis, Regen Network, Solana, Starname, Terra and more.